Quick Facts About Me

It’s all been downhill from here.
  • My love for storytelling and visuals led me to pursue a degree in film and media studies from Chapman University.
  • I wanted a career of some type in the visual arts, so I pursued filmmaking and became a film editor. I’ve worked in feature films, television, documentaries, and unscripted shows in various genres. My work has been featured on CBS, Sony, Amazon, Max, Quibi, Netflix, and Fox.
  • My love of film grain ignited an interest in film photography, where I started freelancing as a film photographer for various years in-between editing projects. I also edit podcasts too! 
  • I started collecting vintage tech products and gadgets, such as vintage film cameras to home projectors to iPods, etc.
  • As technology continues to evolve, I decided to share my insights and enthusiasm with others by starting this blog.

I love researching new products such as film cameras, home projectors, and anything that captures the world around us.

On this blog, I dive into trends, review gadgets, and share my thoughts, all while embracing my love for both vintage and modern technology. I’m captivated by how technology, from the grainy texture of film photography to the smooth aerial shots of drones, can capture and enhance our world in such unique ways.

To ensure transparency and maintain the highest standards of content integrity, I invite you to view my Editorial Guidelines. These guidelines outline the rigorous process I follow for researching, writing, and reviewing content, reaffirming my commitment to accuracy and trustworthiness in all publications.

But this space is more than just a place for photography talk. It’s about building a community of like-minded enthusiasts, sharing our experiences, and inspiring each other to explore the wonders of visual imagery.

Whether you’re a photography professional or just curious about the latest camera trends, I hope my blog piques your interest and maybe even sparks a passion in you.

Let’s explore, learn, and celebrate this incredible world together!